Norfolk's Premier Canine Hydrotherapy Centre

Fourpaws canine hydrotherapy welcomes any dog to swim, whether it is for post operative rehabilitation, recovery from injury, or to just have an exercise programme to lose weight or improve cardiovascular fitness! It offers a safe, gentle approach to exercise and a successful therapy treatment for your dog.

We understand that bringing your dog for hydrotherapy could be worrying for you, so we make every effort to reassure you every step of the way. Before any paws are wet, we will make sure you understand what will happen in the pool and when your dog meets our fully trained hydrotherapist.

On arrival at the poolside, your dog will be fitted with a float coat and your NARCH registered canine hydrotherapist will assist your dog up the ramp and into the pool.

Our Hydrotherapist will ensure they get the most benefit from the session, they will be encouraged to swim around the pool using toys, praise and encouragement, they will receive massage and movement whilst on the resting platforms and will be monitored closely at all times.

The pool is tested at least 3 times a day to maintain a clean environment.

Based in an idyllic countryside location in North Norfolk, we offer a large 14ft x 8 ft heated pool with anti swim jets, a ramp up and into the pool, with resting platforms inside of the water. Along with the pool there Is a Do it yourself bath/shower area and separate area with a professional dryer/heater so your dogs are nice and dry for the journey home.